• Although as a child, Erik Kikuchi was occasionally homeless and lived in shelters and public housing, he overcame those early challenges and at the age of 24, started his first company which he sold at the age of 31. He went on to build other successful businesses and investments in both Canada and Latin America.

    Without bank financing, a formal education, or connections in the industries, Erik has proven himself to be a self-made professional through his resourcefulness, hard work and continuous independent study of human behavior, human needs psychology, verbal and non-verbal communication, organizational systems and international business development.

    Through his philanthropic work over the past nine years, Erik Kikuchi has inspired, educated and mentored entrepreneurs throughout the Americas, including the
  • over 270,000 readers of his blog “CULMEN,” and the 21,000 subscribers to his monthly electronic newsletter.

    Today, in addition to advising and coaching business owners in their development of new business and providing them with the strategies and tools to multiply their sales and increase their profitability. Erik Kikuchi is also passionate about teaching rising entrepreneurs how to identify their ideas and build them into profitable and sustainable businesses.

    In his 1-on-1 Business Growth Consulting and Coaching packages.
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