Leadership Keynote
The Power of Social Leadership
  • Target Audience
    With reason and foresight, Erik Kikuchi powerfully shows his audiences that Social Leadership is attainable and is the responsibility of everyone in order to improve both themselves and their communities for the greater good, regardless of history or resources.

    Serving Corporations, Associations, Non-Profits, Universities, Correctional Institutions and Governments.

    Download excerpts from Erik Kikuchi's
    upcoming book on Social Leadership.
  • Duration
    During Erik’s 60-minute Keynote on his Laws of Social Leadership, he delivers his teachings of how to evolve as powerful and ethical individual leaders first, in order to serve humanity with even greater courage, compassion and integrity.

    “Social leadership is compassion in action - for humanity, by humanity.” -Erik Kikuchi

    Becoming a Social Leader
    Download here.
  • Customization and Contact
    With careful attention to his audiences’ needs and experiences, Erik Kikuchi’s keynotes can be customized to ensure the impact, understanding and integration of his teachings.

    A minimum of 45 days notice is required for Erik Kikuchi’s research and preparation.

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